Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter - a time for peace?

Here is a rhetorical question for you.  What cross are you bearing?

Think about that for a moment and ask yourself one more question.  Isn't it time you laid down that cross and chose peace instead?  Books have been written about it, movies have been made about it, and especially at this time of year people focus their attention on the suffering that Jesus endured prior to his resurrection.  I can't help but wonder.  Is that really what he was trying to show us?

Jesus over came the world.  Why have most of us missed that message?  His resurrection is a testament to the fact that there is no death, only transformation.  We get so lost in the struggles of this experience that we forget that none of this is real.  The harder we struggle for the things of this earth the more difficult is the experience.

Everything that Jesus did, he did with ease and grace.  He healed the sick because he knew that sickness is not real.  Wholeness is the reality of all existence.  To believe in anything other than wholeness is the only real sin.

We are creators!  Whether we realize it or not we are always in creation mode.  The problem is that we don't know how powerful we are, and that we are always creating.  We think that everything is happening outside of us when in fact, it's happening because of our thoughts and emotions.

"Be still and know that I am God!" There is no God sitting on high out there somewhere. We are part of all that is, and all that is is God. So, this Easter let us practice peace instead of crucifixion. Haven't we all had our share of pain and suffering. Let us choose to consciously create peace within ourselves.

Let us choose to participate in the healing of our world. Let's make this Easter truly memorable. Let's start a revolution of Peace!

Happy Easter!

"Calla Lilies"
8" X 8"
Oil pastel on paper

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