Saturday, March 23, 2013

Let go of fear!

To most of us it seems totally impractical that we would not protect ourselves mentally, physically and prayerfully.  The problem with this kind of thinking is that protection is based on the premise that there are two powers, one of good and one of evil.  When we judge circumstances and situations based only on what we see and hear it's easy to believe in the existence of two powers.  Ask yourself, what are your judgements based on?  Are you judging solely by appearance?  Are you judging by the evidence that is before you?

To discover the miracle of Jesus teaching one would need to bear witness to what unfolds naturally from within.  The mystery and the miracle of those teachings can be revealed by turning away from the material world.  There really is only one power, and that power is God.

True security lies in the knowledge that God, or some might call it Substance, is the creator of all things.  Whatever your needs are it is much better to place your focus on the desired outcome, rather than on the need.  Trust that what you are seeking is actually seeking you.

Total health, wholeness, and satisfaction in life is dependent upon whether or not one is being fed by the Spirit.  To be fed by any source other than Spirit is to be incomplete. Incompleteness individually and as a society bears the fruits of disease, and every kind of misery.  By acting as if we are separate and apart from God, we have cut ourselves off from our sustenance.  The time has come to return to the awareness of God (Substance) as the source of all that is.    

According to Joel Goldsmith there is not going to be one single man raised up as a Christ again, it will be a consciousness.  Every single person is contributing to that consciousness by virtue of his or her awareness and experience of the Christ within.  We are the body of Christ!  When Jesus said eat and drink of my body he was referring to our making a conscious decision to walk in the Presence.  He was asking us to live our lives as the rightful heirs to the kingdom of God.  We are all involved in this progressive unfoldment into a higher state of consciousness.  But, we each have to decide how we will participate.  We can be pulled along, or we can go running towards that which will liberate us from this worldly illusion.

So, it is more important now than ever that we dwell in the Spirit.  As we dwell more and more in the Spirit the things of this world will no longer have power to disturb our peace. When we dwell in the Spirit we will have fewer desires, because we will know that the Presence has already provided all that we need.  The more that confidence grows the more we will rely upon it.  To develop a reliance on Spirit try it with small things, and as confidence grows keep trying larger and more important things.  Don't try to jump in with both feet right away.  The experience of Grace takes time to master.

The experience of Grace requires Faith, trust and love.  Is it true that there is a Spirit that animates every part of your body?  Do you know how that works?  No, no one really knows for sure.  Scientist can give us a lot of scientific and technical information but they can't explain how it happens because no one really knows.  What is the mind?  How does the mind work?  It's all a mystery.  Yet, the fact of our existence is something that we all accept.

Our bodies and minds, are the temple of God (Substance).  When we know this and decide to live accordingly, we cannot help but treat ourselves and others with kindness and respect.  No longer can we view our neighbors as enemies to be feared, but as brothers to be loved.  The Spirit of God living in each individual is what Jesus referred to when he said, "in as much as you do it unto the least of these." Let us practice loving ourselves, and extending that love to everyone we meet.

"Life Cycles"
Water Soluble Oils on canvas board
12" X 16"

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